Avenues to Opportunity

Economic activity in the Great Southern is highly dependent on the capacity and efficiency of the region’s transport network as it connects domestic and export markets and serves strategically-located industrial hubs. Roads, rail, shipping and air services are all necessary for the development of the region.

Albany Regional Airport, the Albany Ring Road and potential intermodal facilities are key project components. Continued improvements to arterial roads and strategic industrial transport links including rail are essential for tourism, agriculture and industrial activity.

The $14.3 million Denmark East Development Precinct will provide both a strategic industrial hub and improvements to road transport infrastructure in the region. Denmark East is a proposed light industrial estate near the intersection of McIntosh Road and South Coast Highway. It will provide 60 lots for light industry on a 42-hectare site.

Associated road works will establish an alternative access route for Denmark that will be a critical asset in case of fire or emergency.

Other Transformational Project areas: Growing Value, Access to Energy, Water for Growth, Connected Great Southern, Destination of Natural Choice, Strong Communities.