Essential Infrastructure and Services

Major projects in the Great Southern focused on essential infrastructure and services are listed below.

Katanning Hospital Upgrade: WA Country Health is upgrading the Katanning Hospital to include a new state-of-the-art emergency department, medical imaging department and new outpatient care facility. A new laundry and morgue will also be built. The project is funded through Royalties for Regions under the Southern Inland Health Initiative. The main building works started in August 2016. Stage 1 is due for completion by late 2017 and Stage 2 by mid-2018.

CBH Grain Depot: CBH is establishing a 140,000 tonne grain receival and storage facility at Down Road.  The facility will reduce the reliance on shipping during the harvest period and help with grain type and grade segregation. The new facility was completed and opened in November 2016.

Albany Borefields: To meet the needs of seasonal water demands and a growing population, Water Corporation is constructing a series of new bores to service the Albany and Lower Great Southern Towns water supply scheme. All bores have a life-cycle and over time they need to be repaired or replaced due to ageing, clogging and deterioration. The expansion and improvement of the borefield is required to meet the needs of increasing population and seasonal water demands. Construction of the new bores has been progressed in parallel with the work on the existing bores. Construction and equipping of the new bores will be finished by early 2018.

Denmark Wastewater Recycling: Water Corporation is constructing a waste water recycling scheme to irrigate Denmark’s golf course and land at the WA College of Agriculture Denmark. The scheme will reuse treated wastewater from the Denmark Wastewater Treatment Plant through a new pipeline for use in irrigation. The project is funded through Royalties for Regions. The scheme is expected to be operational by the first half of 2018.

Katanning SuperTown: The Shire of Katanning was granted $8.9 million through Royalties for Regions for two projects. The major project is an $8.7 million transformation of the town’s central precinct and town entry. The work is under way and is due for completion in December 2016.

Regional Waste Management: The Shires of Jerramungup,  Katanning, Kent, Gnowangerup and Ravensthorpe are constructing two regional landfill facilities serviced by upgraded or newly constructed transfer stations located within the participating shires. The project aims to rationalise the waste collection and disposal network, allowing the region to manage resources more effectively. The project received $3.1 million of Royalties for Regions funding. The Katanning and Ravensthorpe landfill sites and associated transfer stations are expected to be completed by June 2017.

Albany Gas Works Site Remediation: LandCorp has remediated the former Albany Gas Works and Cannery site to return it to productive use. Department of Environmental Regulation signoff is expected by the end of the year.

Restoration of Berths 1 and 2: Albany Port Authority is restoring Berths 1 and 2, the oldest wharves at the port, which are in need of restoration to their original design capacity. Substantial completion of pile restoration to the front half of both wharves has enabled the removal of all of the imposed no-load zones. For the next year, pile restoration work continues to the rear half of Berth 2 in an access area near the joint between Berths 1 and 2. The work is expected to continue for another five years, after which there will be ongoing restoration work to Berths 1 and 2, albeit at a slower rate. This would complete repairs to the concrete deck and the piles as they slowly deteriorate to a point where repair is justified.

Groundwater Investigation: Department of Water is investigating groundwater resources in the Albany hinterland and the Albany groundwater area. Funding was received through Royalties for Regions. In the Albany hinterland, drilling of potential water resources was completed in December 2014. Sixteen investigation holes were drilled and two long-term monitoring bores were constructed. Aerial electromagnetic data was re-analysed with the benefit of the information gained through the drilling project. Sustainable abstraction quantities will be estimated taking into account the potential recharge from rainfall. In the Albany groundwater area, a model is being developed to model various future climate and abstraction scenarios, revise understanding of the available resource quantity and guide improved groundwater management. The initial modelling work is nearly completed and the model will continue to be used for groundwater planning.

Albany Fire and Rescue Station: The Department of Fire and Emergency services is building a modern fit-for-purpose fire station on the corner of North Road and Bethel Way. The new facility will include dormitories, three appliance bays, a breathing apparatus servicing centre, gymnasium, study, a kitchen and dedicated training area. The $9 million facility is due for completion in 2017.

More details of these projects, including contacts, can be found on the Major Projects register.

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