We work for the Great Southern region stretching from the northern shires of Woodanilling and Kent to the South Coast, and from Nornalup in the west, to the Fitzgerald River National Park in the east.

We are critical on-the-ground connectors, advocates, and influencers for regional development in the Great Southern. We:

  • Connect our region, people and communities to opportunities, services, and funding
  • Cultivate the development, investment and growth in our region’s jobs and economic activity
  • Champion our region, its brand, assets and identity, and its successes, opportunities, and solutions to its challenges
  • Collaborate to develop effective relationships and partnerships that enable us to proactively monitor, inform and respond to opportunities and challenges influencing our region’s prosperity.

Our Board of Management leads the commission providing overarching strategic and policy direction, in pursuit of our vision and goals for the region. A dedicated and passionate team of GSDC staff work within the region, across a diverse range of regional projects, guided by this strategic direction.

Our projects encompass all areas of the Great Southern, and our reach spans from individual guidance and support for local businesses and community groups, to influencing strategic priorities within higher levels of government. The GSDC’s work, while diverse and wide-ranging, is always centred on our vision for development of the region.


Our projects focus on our 5 strategic priorities:


 Regional Liveability

   Economic Development, Diversification and Innovation

Climate Resilience and Low Carbon Transition

Aboriginal Empowerment and Prosperity

   Organisational excellence

Core Values

Underpinning all our decisions and actions are our values:


We are 'thought leaders', understanding the Great Southern’s potential and striving to achieve it.


We hold deep knowledge of our region and distil insights that we share with the community, industry, and government.


We advocate for our region, and work alongside our stakeholders to achieve the aligned purpose of regional prosperity.


We actively build meaningful relationships with our stakeholders.


We are flexible, responsive, focussed and resilient.


We are honest, transparent and accountable for our actions.

Vision Statement
Stirling Range, credit Jake Wilton
Sustainable economic development with lasting prosperity for the Great Southern region and its communities. The Commission is driving this change by strategically and sustainably building on the region’s comparative advantages and knowhow.

Board of Management

The Board of Management is the governing body of the GSDC, and meets regularly to set policy direction, approve major expenditure and provide advice to the Minister on regional matters.

Board members are chosen on the basis of ability at an executive level, a demonstrated involvement in either the economic or social development of the region, and the ability to work cooperatively to achieve agreed goals across a wide range of social and economic issues. Board members are confirmed by the Minister for Regional Development with terms ranging from one to three years.

The three categories for Board membership are community nominations, Local Government nominations, and Ministerial nominations.

Focus Areas

Great Southern Economy

The Great Southern is highly valued as a place to live, work, visit and invest, with a strong and resilience economy. We work to promote growth in sustainable regional jobs, expand existing industries, develop and grow new industries and maintain and improve essential infrastructure and service.

Regional Liveability

Normalising regional living standards is critical to growing regional populations and underpins regional economic development. One of our focuses is improving access to services and experiences that attract populations to regional areas and encourages them to stay.


We recognise the intrinsic social and economic value of inclusive communities. We aim to build community strength in our region as fundamental to our long-term prosperity. Our efforts include a clear focus on including Aboriginal people are a significant part of our community and economy.