You are reading: Digital Router Expands Boatbuilder’s Options

Digital Router Expands Boatbuilder’s Options

Westerberg Marine has new options in boatbuilding following the recent installation of a programmable digital router supported by a $93,808 Regional Economic Development (RED) grant from the GSDC.

Jun 01, 2021 | Read Time : 1 minute

The new router enables the Albany waterfront firm to shape aluminium plate with digital precision, improving efficiency and expanding options for features and design.

Managing Director Rhys Jones said the router was the first of its type in the Great Southern and meant the company could undertake fabrication processes within the region that were previously outsourced to metropolitan businesses.

Installing the router involved expanding the company’s workshop floor area and shuffling other equipment around the site.

Apart from boat building efficiency through cutting aluminium, Mr Jones expected that the router would offer advantages to other local businesses since it was capable of shaping plastics, timber, composite panels and other materials.