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Katanning Café Supports Eco Awareness

Katanning has welcomed the opening of the Lakeside Eco Café, an initiative of the Katanning Piesse Park Community (KPPC).

Feb 20, 2022 | Read Time : 1 minute

The Hon. Shelley Payne MLC, Member for Agricultural Region, formally opened the café in February, highlighting State Government investment in the town and congratulating the Shire and KPPC for their contributions.

GSDC Medallist and KPPC Chair Bev Lockley spoke on the importance of eco-conservation and the way the café contributes to the activities around Piesse Park. The café is in a house provided on a peppercorn lease by the Shire of Katanning.

Extensive refurbishments were required to provide the café and ice-creamery in the house, and to meet accessibility, health and security standards. A State Government investment of $50,000 through the GSDC supported modifications for wheelchair access, external decking, fencing and remodelling part of the interior, including electrical works.

The KPPC’s goal is to use the house and gardens as an environmental education venue, a scientific research point and a centre for activities by volunteers. Revenue from the café is returned to the centre’s work. The centre supports local employment and is expected to continue and grow as it expands into research and educational activities.