Great Southern aquaculture took a step change in 2017 with the opening of the Albany Shellfish Hatchery. The hatchery supplies shellfish spat to aquaculture operations around Western Australia’s coastline, and to operations elsewhere in Australia.

Strict attention to biosecurity and access to the clean waters of the Southern Ocean make the hatchery’s products reliable and sought-after. After five years in operation, the enterprise is set for expansion to meet rising demand. 

Following the establishment of the Albany Shellfish Hatchery, a staged aquaculture development is being undertaken by Harvest Road Oceans in Albany. Its production sites in Miaritch / Oyster Harbour produce Leeuwin Coast brand rock oysters, Akoya oysters and mussels. The company boasts carbon neutral certification for its shellfish products.

Aquaculture Statistics

9 species

Produced under licence in the Albany
Shellfish Hatchery

1.5 million

Dozen rock oysters p.a. of Harvest Road production goal

18 million

Akoya oysters p.a. Harvest Road production goal