Success in regional development is determined by working together to deliver strategic initiatives and build organisational excellence.


To influence development for the Great Southern, we require a diverse skillset and an empowered team working towards a common goal. The Commission’s organisational excellence is achieved by leading with integrity and professionalism, maintaining a region-wide focus, being strategic and effective, and using well-developed evidence to advocate for the region.



To ensure organisational excellence, we use a broad range of tools including:

  • Regional leadership
  • Regional investment funding
  • Collaborative and trusted partnerships
  • A highly knowledgeable, skilled and empowered workforce
  • Effective and trusted communications
  • Good governance, strong integrity and risk management
  • A unified regional voice on cross region development.
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About Us

The Great Southern Development Commission's role is to help our community grow, develop and take advantage of the benefits our region has to offer including its enviable lifestyle, natural landscapes and thriving economy.

GSDC Strategic Plan 2024-2025

Our GSDC Strategic Plan 2024-2025 outlines our values and vision, our role and strategic priorities, and the economic and social context of our Great Southern region. This Strategic Plan is an pivotal tool for defining the GSDC priorities, plans and our approach to achieving our regional development objectives.

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