Making our region a good place to live is critical for the wellbeing of regional residents, and underpins labour markets and community resilience.


Making the Great Southern a good place to live is a top priority for the Commission. We aim to make the region a preferred place to live, work, study and invest.

The availability of social, community and cultural infrastructure and services play a critical role in not only supporting happy and healthy communities, but in attracting people to the Great Southern, and encouraging them to stay.

The GSDC’s role in promoting regional liveability in the Great Southern, is to highlight the unique needs and challenges of our communities, and advocating for place-based solutions to these challenges. We act as a central voice for continued improvement in whole-of-life living standards in the Great Southern.


To promote regional liveability, our projects encompass a broad range of areas including:

  • Regional services, community and digital infrastructure and assets
  • Vibrant, diverse and inclusive communities
  • Regional resilience for disruptive events
  • Local regional service and product delivery
  • Community enterprise and social impacts
  • Environment, heritage and culture assets
  • Early childhood, disability and aged care services
  • Education, knowledge, creativity and innovation opportunities
  • Government land use for regional land supply outcomes.
Related industries

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Health care facilities are provided in Albany and regional towns. Home care, seniors’ services and assisted living provide employment for a significant number of people.

Education and Training

Public and independent schools serve families throughout the region. Technical and further education is available in Kinjarling / Albany and by extension elsewhere in the region. University courses are delivered at all levels. Tertiary education is supported by affordable, high quality student accommodation.