Great Southern Development Commission

Our Region

The Great Southern is one of nine regions in Western Australia, taking in several hundred kilometres of the State’s pristine southern coastline. Our region’s geography includes ancient mountain ranges, deep forests, productive farmland, and breathtaking coastal scenery.

Our Focus

Creating a stable and diverse Great Southern economy, promoting and supporting regional liveability, and strengthening our communities is at the core of the GSDC’s work. Our focus is improving the Great Southern, engaging with people, celebrating culture, enhancing the economy, and protecting the natural environment.

Our Support

One of our key roles is connecting industry, business and community to beneficial opportunities that will help drive development. A range of grants and funding opportunities offering support in the Great Southern are regularly available.

About us

By working in partnership with local governments, businesses and communities, the Commission aims to coordinate and support endeavours that build an integrated regional economy, foster regional growth, and transform our communities into vibrant places to live, work and grow.

Our Vision
Stirling Range, credit Jake Wilton
Sustainable economic development with lasting prosperity for the Great Southern region and its communities. The Commission is driving this change by strategically and sustainably building on the region’s comparative advantages and knowhow.

Focus Areas

Great Southern Economy

The Great Southern is highly valued as a place to live, work, visit and invest, with a strong and resilience economy. We work to promote growth in sustainable regional jobs, expand existing industries, develop and grow new industries and maintain and improve essential infrastructure and service.

Regional Liveability

Normalising regional living standards is critical to growing regional populations and underpins regional economic development. One of our focuses is improving access to services and experiences that attract populations to regional areas and encourages them to stay.


We recognise the intrinsic social and economic value of inclusive communities. We aim to build community strength in our region as fundamental to our long-term prosperity. Our efforts include a clear focus on including Aboriginal people are a significant part of our community and economy.
Castle Rock, Porongurup National Park Castle Rock, Porongurup National Park

Visit our Knowledge Hub to see reports, corporate documents, and information about the Great Southern region