You are reading: TEDX Kinjarling Takes Great Southern Speakers to the World

TEDX Kinjarling Takes Great Southern Speakers to the World

Inspiring speakers from the Great Southern took their ideas to the world through TEDx Kinjarling on Saturday 29 January, an event supported by the GSDC.

Jan 28, 2022 | Read Time : 1 minute

Albany resident Kristen Pyrz-Brown secured a TEDx licence and worked closely with Noongar elders to establish TEDx Kinjarling, currently the only TED event in Australia to have permission to use an Indigenous name.

Speakers on the TEDx Kinjarling program addressed diverse topics under the theme of how the world can ‘EVOLVE’ from COVID-19. It sold out quickly.

Menang/Gnudju elder Carol Pettersen OAM JP and Ben Beeton (SciArt) spoke on the background of the Genestreams Songlines sculptures.

Denmark-based copywriter Martha Barnard-Rae talked about learning to live with an adult diagnosis of ADHD, and Kendenup farmer Penny Goodwin spoke on embracing biological regenerative farming. Other topics included: game-based learning in schools; combining western science and First Nation perspectives in caring for country; sea shanties and mental health; and justice reform.

TEDx Kinjarling organisers are currently curating the videos from the event. On approval, they will be uploaded onto the TEDx platform to share Great Southern voices and ideas on the world stage.