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Activating Albany’s iconic waterfront

The next phase of Albany Waterfront planning has begun, following the completion of Stage 1 of the project by the Great Southern Development Commission and partners.

Feb 20, 2024 | Read Time : 2 minutes

The Albany Waterfront precinct has been identified as having significant community, economic, environmental and cultural value, with substantial state-owned assets such as the Museum of the Great Southern and Albany Entertainment Centre already, occupying the parcel of land.

The area stretching from Southern Port’s Port of Albany in the east, to the Albany Wool Stores in the west, has significant development potential previously unreached through earlier planning projects.

Following the completion of Stage 1 of the plan, an application was made to the state government’s Regional Development Leverage Fund, facilitated by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, resulting in $409,500 being allocated to the project, with a further $20,000 of support from Southern Ports.

Stage 2 of the Albany Waterfront Masterplan is now underway, with the plan developing a roadmap for future development of the precinct, focussing on maximising positive social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Great Southern Development Commission Acting Chief Executive Officer Jarrad Gardner, said of the project: “The Albany Waterfront holds significant economic, social and cultural value. Our focus in this planning process is very much in line with our priorities as a Commission, improving liveability for the community, minimising existing barriers to economic growth, and ensuring cultural values and environmental sustainability are embedded in any future development”.

While led by the Great Southern Development Commission, the planning process continues to feature significant collaboration with key agencies including the City of Albany, Wagyl Kaip Southern Noongar Aboriginal Corporation and other stakeholders.

The next phase of the strategic planning process will focus on understanding stakeholder interests, concerns, and aspirations, while moving towards a shared vision for the iconic waterfront.